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The multi-player strategy game in your browser

Fight fast paced battles against other players in this realtime strategy game right within your browser.

Assume the role of a powerful wizard. Connect and claim floating islands. Summon minions to collect precious mana crystals. Conjure various offensive and defensive structures and outsmart your opponent through clever placement.

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Buildom is currently in open beta. You can jump right in and play, but you might encounter a few rough edges or even the occasional bug. Please share your feedback via Discord or e-mail!

Be a wizard

You know what they say: "Always be yourself, unless you can be a wizard. Then always be a wizard". In Buildom, you can actually be one. There are others however, and with most wizards being hungry for power by nature, war is inevitable. Will you manage to best your opponents and become the most powerful wizard of all times?

Claim places of power

The world is made of fragmented islands floating above a troubled stormy sky. It has always been like this. Many suspect that the constant wars waged by the wizards are responsible, but nobody knows for sure. What is certain though is that there are places of power scattered all over the world. Ancient ruins, that suggest there actually was a time before. Restore them to gain control over the islands and increase your summoning power.

Build bridges

It was long ago concluded that simple bridges work best to connect floating islands. Some ingenious wizard came up with a very efficient spell to summon them. Unfortunately, the shape of the resulting bridges can still not be fully controlled, which often results in somewhat chaotic constructions. Also, even wizards can not ignore gravity completely, so they do tend to fall down when not attached to something.

Summon minions

To become a wizard, you had to spent years mastering ancient languages and studying old tomes. After all of that effort, it is is only fair that you can now use your knowledge to let others do the hard work for you. Summon a realiable workforce of dauntless and sturdy golems to collect precious mana crystals!

Conjure structures

Wizards are far too careful to actively engage in battle themselves. The wide chasms between the islands also make it very impractical to use any other kind of armed mobile forces. Instead, you can conjure various different kinds of offensive and defensive structures. These all have different abilities and need to be placed carefully; either on an island, or attached to a bridge in mid-air.